Nosy Komba

October 12, 2016

We have seen lemurs already (in Russian Bay) but all of us were excited to have a better introduction to them at the (locally) famed Nosy Komba lemur park.

The island is a weird mix of eco-tourism and authentic Malagash culture. It’s like a cleaned up Nosy Be. The pathways were all kept immaculate and the arts and crafts stalls boasted some of the best finished work we have seen in Madagascar.

The park itself was like a zoo mixed with a Parisian cafe. All of the animals were more or less free to roam (granted the giant tortoises would hav to be feeling ambitious) and the pace was more of the “have another double espresso and chat,” mentality of the aforementioned cafe. The only strange part was the theme of the park which, to all outward evidence seemed to be “wearing animals as caps.”

The kids all had a tremendous time holding the lemurs, boa constrictor, and turtles, and when there wasn’t an animal to play with, they made up their own games. I am starting to feel like Madagascar might be worth another trip across the Indian.

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