Position Report: October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Position: 13º 24.792′ S 48º 20.292′ E
Lokbe – Nosy Be: This anchorage was a bit of a lark. We were only 5 nm away, which was a bit too close to feel like a real effort, but it was reputed to have a great guided nature walk. We were not disappointed. The anchorage was more settled than Nosy Komba, despite being more exposed. The tour was easily set up; after asking around at two villages, we were directed to Freddy, in a third village. It just so happened that Freddy was adrift (fixing his outboard) at the time of our last direction, so we were told to talk to “that guy.” After a nice chat, and a friendly tow, Freddy agreed to give our two families (Convivia and Yemaya) a tour of the old growth forest for 10,000Ary/person. It was money well spent. I will post photos of the experience on Forgeover.com, and you can let us know if you would have been able to find the chameleons without help. I couldn’t have, for sure.
All is well.

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