September in Brisbane

September 24, 2013

September has been a month of goodbyes and getting-to-know-yas. It’s been a month of changing weather (for the better) and changing government (for the worse). It’s been full of laughter, outdoor play and exciting summery events.

We are all feeling like Brisbane is home, and except for the outrageous cost; and missing our family and friends back home; we are just delighted to be able to say that. 

In the spirit of photo-blogging when I don’t have enough new things to say, here’s another montage of our month. Hopefully the captions will tell our story well.


  1. Comment by Rufus Clark

    Rufus Clark October 6, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    I came across your website and you are still in Australia? Are you finished sailing or are you preparing for another leg of adventure. I have enjoyed following your course across the Pacific, I hope there is more to come. I would like to see a chart of all the stops and crossings you have done thus far. The program you used is no longer posted.
    Are you working in Brisbane, Australia and is this your new home?
    There is a Tartan 42 in the marina I have been eyeing, but as I aproach 70; it is too much to undertake.
    Drop me an email if you have a minute; I hope “ex MIMI” is serving you well.
    Regards, Rufus

  2. Comment by Sv lafiesta

    Sv lafiesta October 8, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Dear convivial crew,
    We finally found your address, the funniest is angelina want to download inavix chart on our ipad 2, we just brought from USA through Sv blue rodeo ann and mark, last year,
    I have read all your post about the inavix, that the better then navi or both ore same, this years has alots of cruiser that we meet in opua nz the all used navi, cos we are new user, it’s hard when you try to asked a lots of people and the all different, we might try inavix see what happend,
    Glad that your guys love Brisbane City, hope to see you there one day
    Sv lafiesta David, Angel, Natalie

  3. Comment by Chuck ans Suki SPILLNER

    Chuck ans Suki SPILLNER October 12, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Hi Bradford’s ,
    Chuck and Suki here. Remember your neighbors at Emerycove Marina which must seem a lifetime ago for you guys. Glad to hear you are enjoying Brisbane. The kids sure look more mature since you shoved off two years ago or was it three? We enjoyed Hardly Strictly Blue Grass this past weekend and remember that was what you did just before you left. Love you guys.

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