We’re. Not. Leaving

July 31, 2012

We have looked at the gribs (graphical weather predictions), the surface analisys, and read the tea leaves. All data clearly shows that tomorrow morning would be the best possible time to leave if we wanted a quick and comfortable passage to Samoa. Normally that would be all we needed to know to set us on our merry way.

But we aren’t going. Not yet anyway. Suwarrow is all of those things that I said it was in the previous post. It’s also something more. None of us have tried to articulate what it is, but there is something deeply special about this place and the way our family has reacted to it.

When we got home from tonight’s potluck (smaller than usual because 60% of the cruisers left today) Vick and I reexamined all of the available weather information, and decided that in spite of the great forecast, we just were not done with Suwarrow. We have tentatively extened our stay for another 3 days. This should still give us good (though not /as/ good) weather, and it will get us into Samoa on Monday (Sunday is a definite non-starter in Samoa). In the mean time we will snorkle and read, and just be… here in paradise.

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