Photos: Chamela & Barra de Navidad

January 17, 2012


For some reason I didn’t take as many pictures as usual, but I did manage to capture the flavor of these two stops, with just a handful of good exposures.  Chamela is an unassuming, quiet harbor frequented (it seems) more by Mexican tourists and RVrs than by cruisers and foreign tourists. I loved the chill, laid back beach scene and Ruby worked up the nerve to ask a spanish speaking girl to play. Once she got over the initial static barrier of communication, they played for an hour or so in the surf and on the beach, while Vick and I enjoyed a great grilled snapper. Perhaps we will get another chance to enjoy this harbor on our way back to La Cruz.

Barra de Navidad and Chiuatlan

Barra de Navidad was absolutely not on my list of places to visit… until I talked to Barbara and Tom on Hooligan. They strongly recommend Barra and we decided to give it a shot. I’m glad we did. Barra is another slightly sleepy beach town. Unlike Chamela it does draw a fair amount of foreign tourism, and from my very informal  survey has a semi-permanent expat community as well. Barra is the kind of place that one could get stuck in, comfortable, relatively inexpensive, and very pretty. We speculated that if we didn’t leave when we had, we might have woken up in 50 years and realized that the last 5 decades had been spent chain smoking, drinking 5 margaritas a day (happy hour is 1-6), and hanging out at the Sands Hotel regaling passing through cruisers with our war stories (all fabricated). Not that that would have been a bad life…


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