¡A Mexico!

October 25, 2011

The Baja HaHa is officially underway and so, once again, are we. It felt so good to leave the dock at Cabrillio Isle Marina. The marina was fine and San Diego’s services were welcomed, but I seem to have a deeply ingrained need to sail and every day at the dock was chafing against that directive.

Now we are South of the border (30°44.41’N 116°36.75’W) sailing at 7 knots with the wind behind us. The sun is out and it’s finally feeling like “south.” The kids, as always with passages, have settled into their routines and have been mostly joyful. They are looking forward to catching fish and reaching the beach party in Bahia de Tortugas. If conditions maintain we should be there in about 30 hours.

In other interesting news, the water temp has reached 63°. It isn’t quite warm enough for me to relish a swim, but it’s certainly going in the right direction. Also new to me is being completely without Internet (in the traditional sense). We probably won’t have a real connection for another 10 days, but I’m finding the forced hiatus to be quite a welcome change. Don’t be expecting to see me on Facebook, or replying to email, but do check that “Our Position” link (on the top menu) every day or so to find out where we have been.

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