St Gabriel Hike

July 2, 2016

Alicia, from the boat On Verra, has been organizing hikes for the cruisers nearly every day that we’ve been here. It’s one of the best cruiser services I’ve ever experienced because it helps us to see the natural beauty of the island, and gives us a much needed endorphin hit and kick in the pants to get moving in the morning.

Today she took us by bus to the trail-head at St Gabriel crossing. From there we walked past the largest church in the Indian Ocean (also conveniently, the pit stop).  The trail started just below the church and wound through lush forest, rock strewn pasture, and down a long slope with a stunning view of the lagoon and sea beyond.

I was sick as a dog the night before, and somehow felt like doing the hike anyway. I am so glad I did. The kids, who are ever up for any social event, were amazing on the 10km hike. They never fell behind and didn’t complain once.  At lunch Miles whipped out his stainless steel lunchbox and pulled out the two dinosaurs… and no food. Live and learn dude, live. and. learn.

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