Cape Town

February 12, 2017

The kids eat breakfast, tell us that their schoolwork is done and dash off to see their friends. There are two kid boats here right now (Eva and Yemaya) and five extra kids mean that there is never a dull moment for them.

Vick and I take advantage of this new freedom to explore the town’s coffee shops and cafes. In the evening, we go to one of the neighbor’s boats for sundowners, tattoos, or an impromptu party. Life is sure enough good!

Cape Town reminds me of San Francisco, or what San Francisco would be if it wasn’t so convinced that it was the last best place on the planet. People here are engaging and welcoming, the natural beauty is astonishing. If we aren’t being taken out to a concert, we are at the top of a mountain looking at the sea on three sides and more mountains on the other. Or perhaps Vick and I are chowing the most amazing Mexican food we have had since La Cruz ( a meal so good, I emailed the management afterwards).

These events and scenes, as well as the incredible outpouring of hospitality and care from our friends (old and new), have cemented Cape Town as a place our hearts will yearn to return to.

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