Ship’s Log: First Overnight; Monterey to Morro Bay

October 8, 2011

Standing here, at the refrigerator/nav station/electronics table, and reflecting on our first overnight passage, what strikes me most was how noisy it was. Not up top (in the cockpit) but down below. We started the day with a strong WNW breeze which soon turned into 15-20 knts of NW. This was perfect for our southbound passage and if it had not been for that square swell, we would have been in total heaven. As it was the boat handled admirably and we sailed most of the late afternoon and evening on just the genoa. By 1 am the wind had completely died and we had to turn on the engine.

It wasn’t until I went down below to sleep that I really noticed the noise. I would lay my head down and some loud clanging would commence above. Our boat is many many great things but insulated isn’t one of them. It’s like living inside a drum. So I would scramble upstairs (which requires putting on full battle regalia) and adjust the source of the commotion until it wasn’t so painful. A few minutes later I would be roused again and the process would repeat. I did this until the 5 second periodic roll-crash of two kids water bottles didn’t seem like it was worth the trouble, and fell into a sound sleep.

Sleep doesn’t last long on night watch rotation though, or at least it doesn’t last long enough. A few hours later (seemingly just as soon as I fell asleep) It was my turn on deck. I couldn’t be too upset though because I came up (around 11pm) to a path of moonlight illuminating our way and a sky full of stars (in spite of the bright moon). I was surprised how easily I passed the next 3 hours. I had an audiobook at the ready, but after about 10 minutes I started to feel like it was wrecking the mood, and put it away. The time was mostly spent checking out the charts, scanning for ATONs and other boats, and admiring the tranquil beauty of the sea at night.

Vick took the 2-5 shift and reported a beautiful orange moonset. I somehow woke up precisely on time and was more or less completely ready for the shift and, as it turned out, for the day. We arrived in Morro Bay around 9am and as soon as the anchor was set, Victoria fell asleep on the bow.

Tomorrow night we plan to continue our buddy boat passage making (with the Wondertimes) and head around Point Conception to San Miguel Island. The next week will be spent exploring the natural beauty of that small archipelago and then we’re off to meet the other HaHa boats in San Diego. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that this is my life. Right now it just feels like the best vacation ever!


  1. Comment by cindy

    cindy October 8, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Bliss! I am so glad you all are having smooth sailing!

  2. Comment by Deirdré Straughan

    Deirdré Straughan October 11, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    You’re making me cry!

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