Passage Gratitude

October 25, 2015

I don’t know what exactly it is about passagemaking that brings out these feelings but it’s so common as to be a phenomenon. Despite the sleep deprivation, and subtle (and sometimes acute) hardships of crossing hundreds of miles of ocean. Despite being cramped in a small, often roughly rolling vessel with two lovely but demanding children, I often find a moment, or a long string of moments where I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for my great good fortune that it feels transcendent.

Today the feeling was triggered when I wrote an email to a friend. After I hit send, I reflected. I have often claimed that I have few guy friends, but in that moment I realised that I have an abundance.  Not necessarily in quantity but in quality. In this case, I had just poured a little of my heart out to someone who I knew would carefully catch it and put it somewhere safe and prominent, and he isn’t the only such friend.

This swell of gratitude lifts my transom and I know, from rich experience, that I am about to get a nice long surf. I reflect on this amazing life that I am blessed to live, the support that I have received from nearly every quarter of my life, and the amazing good fortune to be loved so well by so many.

As I ride out the end of this swell of gratitude, I thought I would share the experience with you, just on the off chance that it might lift you up and send you on your way down the long face of its exhilarating slope.

What are you grateful for today?

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