Chillin’ in Thailand

March 22, 2016

The pace of life aboard Convivia has shifted. The hectic days of boatyard stress are behind us, as are the days in the Marina, fixing those last few (critical) systems. We’ve found a sleepy beachfront to anchor in front of and, with no transportation, have settled into leisurely days of kids floating beside the boat, easy conversation, and no plans to speak of.

This transition to cruising-proper is one that you can’t see but in hindsight. I think it started three or four days ago when we returned our scooter. It was given a boost by our recent depletion of funds, which strengthens our resolve to stay put. We’ve got another kid boat nearby (Quasar) so ours have a friend to occupy the day. They come home exhausted and hungry, and crash out early, leaving plenty of time for Vick and I to play games and share a couple of ciders.

In a week, we’ll have to check out of Thailand. We missed our northern window so we’ll head South, taking in Sumatra’s westernmost islands instead. In mid April, we will leave SE Asia on route to S. Africa. It will be our longest passage (3500 nm unless it’s interrupted by Chagos) but we are all looking forward to it.


Until then, we’ll be chillin’ right here, in our cozy little harbor, making delicious food, watching the sunset, chatting with the neighbors and  recovering from the stresses that got us here!

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