Brisbane is Seriously Awesome Folks, Seriously

January 20, 2013

You have seriously got to be kidding me. I love this city so much I want to dig up the homes of my family and friends and move them all here. Today we went to the Queensland State Library with the kids. We tricked them (yes, I am that devious) by telling them about the Augmented Reality treasure hunt that uses the ipad to find clues. In reality it is the best ruse ever to get kids to follow their parents on a magical tour of the coolest library I have ever been to.

The State Library is a non-lending library. This might cause you to ask, “what the heck does that mean?” I didn’t get it either. Basically they have an enormous collection that just starts at books. There is also an art collection, music practice rooms, and sheet music collections. There is an extensive set of private study spaces of all sorts and a children’s play area with a giant wall of magnetic poetry.   Victoria was smitten with the cookbook section where all of the books were in perfect condition, since they have never actually been used in a kitchen. They even have a white glove room, which I really hope to be admitted to someday.

The library also has a technology center called The Edge where, for example, you can sign out a high powered Mac Pro for an afternoon to edit your movies on Final Cut Pro, newest versions of everything of course. Need to learn advanced WordPress or want tips on photo post processing witH Photoshop, they have free courses for ya.

They have live music, and a people watching scene (if you are into the hip smart type) and this month they also have crown and costume making, kids performances, parades and much much more.

We went over this morning with a few bottles of water and the ipad and didn’t leave until 4. And then only kicking and screaming so we could get to Brisbane City Council Library (also tres cool) in time to get some kids books for bedtime.

I’m sure that this city will quit impressing the hell out of me at some point, but I’m not looking forward to it. Maybe tomorrow we will hit the GOMA, also free, next door.


  1. Comment by Kelly Watts

    Kelly Watts January 23, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Sounds like you and your family are settling in well…we, too, have been overwhelmed with the local library, great swimming pools, excellent arts (theater, art museums, conservatory) and fantastic bike paths. This is a cool country!

  2. Comment by Allen Polmar

    Allen Polmar February 12, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Glad to know you and your family having great time in Brisbane!! I’ve never been there but you just made me excited to head for fun time. I’m huge book lover and The State Library is seems to me one of the good places in Brisbane, therefore for quality knowledge learning I’ll definitely visit Brisbane and The State Library as well. Cheers!!

  3. Comment by Chris

    Chris February 22, 2013 at 6:01 am


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