Thailand so far

February 26, 2016

Thailand feels like cruising again. Our pace through Australia was breakneck, and Indonesia was challenging. Most of Malaysia felt like a race to the boat yard, and then there was that two month job. I thought Langkawi would feel like cruising again, but it ended up feeling a bit more like a boozy purgatory.

The second we dropped the hook on Ko Tarutao I felt months of tension drain out of me. It didn’t hurt that this was about the time when Miles discovered that he could talk endlessly about Minecraft to me if he rubbed my back and feet. It’s been amazing in many ways.

Thai food is actually so much better here than anywhere else I’ve eaten it (in my very limited experience). It’s so good in fact, that I think we should just call it “food” and the rest of the world should accept that theirs is ethnic.

The scenery is magnificent. It’s epic, imposing, and gives one the sense that there is no earthly reason that nature would create such majesty other than to impress the pants off of us.

We’ve been moving fast, changing anchorage daily. The conditions have been by and large boisterous, so it’s been work, but that just contributes to it feeling cruisy again.

I’ve added a gallery that will no doubt fail to convey the true glory of this country, but it’s still superior to words.

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