Naked Lady Beach

North Enough!

We spent a few lovely days at Middle Percy Island. We visited the legendary A-Frame, took a long hike up to the Homestead to visit Cate and John, and the Roundhouse to visit Steve. It was a lovely island with a storied and rich history and the current leaseholders were warm and hospitable. I’ll look forward to going back on our way south. Sadly, weather and internet forced us onward. We stopped in Scawfell Island for two days, but the internet there was too sporadic to support my work, so we were northbound again. When we arrived in Thomas Island, with it’s workable internet and gorgeous coral beaches, we knew we had made it to “North Enough.” Our weeks of searching were over. From here on up to Townsville the weather will be warm enough for Vick, the connectivity conducive to my work, and the flora and fauna rich, diverse, and unusual enough to hold the kid’s interest for days on end. Here are a few photos of our journey from Keppel. Continue reading


The Third Voyage of Convivia

We have embarked upon our third voyage. Convivia and her crew will spend 4 months exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Unlike previous journeys, this one is a return trip. In September we will return top Brisbane, put the kids back in school and resume our “normal” lives.

I was struck, as I often am when we start a sail, how quickly our family fell back into our best selves. Miles, severed from his Minecraft addiction, was dancing and play acting on the foredeck as we motored along. Ruby was happily snuggled up in Vick’s lap doing homework and I found myself joining Miles for an invisible sword fight on the bow.

Every trip has it’s ups and downs, but I realized recently that, at least for me. I am a better person when I’m out here. Released from the schedules that drive our “normal” lives, I am free to focus on things that matter. We find our harmony and don’t have to abandon it for a school bell, or urgent deadline.

Every time I rediscover this feeling I find myself reaching for the utopia that would afford this option to every family. What economic system could we adopt that would promote productive (not in the current sense of the word) natural, ethical, and harmonious lives? What would our goals as a society be? How could we exist in this way while allowing others to live their own (different, more “normal”) lives. It’s a great exercise and it reminds me of my extraordinary privilege. I don’t delude myself into thinking that everyone has the ability to live this kind of life, but l do wonder what would happen to our world if more people who could, did.