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Everything Old is New Again

We’ve visited four of Vanuatu’s beautiful islands. We’re now in Port Vila experiencing the touristy city life, with ridiculous cover bands playing loudly on the harbor’s edge, gift shops filled with Chinese made souvenirs, and inappropriately dressed tourist girls. While I love our access to the waterfront showers, the delicious juice bar, and the amazing […]

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Pre-K Geography

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCQdGRZOJy8[/youtube] Believe it or not this was spontaneous. I have no idea how Miles knew where the pirates are or where Hawaii is. I guess unschooling is working for our family.

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Are the Kids ready?

If you’ve been wondering how the kids feel about this transition… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-NQJeIql5E[/youtube] [cue cheesy infomercial voice] …and if you liked “going marina” you’ll love some of these other instant classics.

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The Blue Bunny — Miles’ First (collaborative) Story

We had a really first rate dinner at Amber tonight. When we arrived (at 5:15), there was one other family there and we were seated in the very back corner of the room reserved for families with little kids that look like trouble. Ruby was wearing her pink flower rain boots, mini-skirt, and  a blue […]

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Ruby’s 9th Kyu Test

Errata: I initially labeled this “Ruby’s 8th Kyu Test”, having counted backwards from 10. I forgot that she was a AikiExplorer before she was 10th Kyu. So when you see the movie title, you’ll know which to believe. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kKrGjaZy6I[/youtube]

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Father’s Day @ Hidden Villa

I started out the day, as I do most every Sunday, with the Coffee Social. Since the kids are finally over the chicken-pox we had a great turnout, and I got to spend most of the morning lounging around with coffee, chocolate crossiants, and friends. Early naps provided a little needed excuse to read more […]

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Ruby Writes a Story

Once upon a time a bunny was hiding in a bush. It was sunny then started to rain. Butterflies came. A pig came. The pig was pink. She needed something to eat, but she couldn’t find anything so she kept looking. She smelled something good. It was a carrot. The bunny tried to find a […]

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Ruby Dispatches Pirates

While we were eating dinner tonight (hamburgers… yes its relevant) the subject of pirates came up. Ruby is very concerned about pirates, and how they might steal her or eat her. She asked what we were going to do about pirates, so we (of course) took the opportunity to turn the question around… Parent: Do […]

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