Father’s Day @ Hidden Villa

June 27, 2009

I started out the day, as I do most every Sunday, with the Coffee Social. Since the kids are finally over the chicken-pox we had a great turnout, and I got to spend most of the morning lounging around with coffee, chocolate crossiants, and friends. Early naps provided a little needed excuse to read more of my latest addiction .

Somewhere around 4 we packed up our things and headed over to Hidden Villa for the Banana Slug String Band‘s Annual Father’s Day concert. I don’t know why I love this event so much. Maybe its sitting on the most lucious green organic lawn in the world, embraced by mountains all around. Maybe its the huge jar of margaritas Vick brought. Perhaps its the happy kids (myself included) running around without a care in the world. Whatever it is, I really look forward to this event.  Every year I meet a couple of other dads that seem genuinely happy to be fathers.

Anyway, the Banana Slugs are a goofy band. They really get into their gig, and don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s a big part of the appeal. I took a lot of video footage on Vick’s new phone, and uploaded it to YouTube. Here’s a sample to give you a taste. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaWDyfFgas0[/youtube]

After the show, we lingered for a while, climbing trees and wandering slowly towards the car. When we got home the kids fell right to sleep and I got to go back to my book for a few more hours.

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