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Position Report: June 19, 2017

Position: 28º 21.492′ N 76º 55.398′ W Day 2 things are going pretty smoothly. Ruby celebrated her 13th birthday by going 3/4 of the way up the mast to save our lazy jacks. What a hero. All is well.

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Position Report: June 19, 2016

Position: 19º 29.988′ S 64º 57.192′ E Almost there. We expect to arrive in Rodriguez by daybreak tomorrow. Today has been more of the same with the notable distinction of it being Ruby’s birthday. As those who know us well would guess, this means cake, and since we’ll be having the “Real Cake” when we […]

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Ruby Writes a Story

Once upon a time a bunny was hiding in a bush. It was sunny then started to rain. Butterflies came. A pig came. The pig was pink. She needed something to eat, but she couldn’t find anything so she kept looking. She smelled something good. It was a carrot. The bunny tried to find a […]

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