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Manually Adding GRIBs to iNavx without Jailbreak

Back in July of 2011 I wrote a pretty geeky post about adding grib files to iNavx by first jailbreaking your iPad and then doing a series of complicated steps to get the gribs from Airmail (or wherever you download them from) to the iPad. I’m here to say that with newer versions of iOS […]

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FAQ: Cashing Out

Tonight I received an awesome email from a reader. She was wondering how we came to the decision to cash out a portion of our retirement to make this dream possible, and what struggles we had to overcome before feeling comfortable with the choice. I responded to her privately but then realized that I have […]

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FAQ #4: Packed In Like Sardines

Q: What are some of the best things about traveling in close quarters with your family?

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FAQ #3: Night Watches

Q: How about pulling watch all alone with the family below… How is Victoria handling the watches… how long are you on deck for at night? Are you clipping in? How are you staying awake? What was the sea state like? A: My ¬†first overnight passage was from Monterrey to Morro Bay California, early on […]

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FAQ #2: Stuff We Don’t Need

Q:¬†Name something you packed and so far you find you really just don’t need. A: Thankfully, we really don’t have much of this category. We have gone through some clothes, worn through some shoes, and jettisoned a down comforter, but there was a time when they were needed on this trip.

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