FAQ #2: Stuff We Don’t Need

December 11, 2011

Q:┬áName something you packed and so far you find you really just don’t need.

A: Thankfully, we really don’t have much of this category. We have gone through some clothes, worn through some shoes, and jettisoned a down comforter, but there was a time when they were needed on this trip.

There are several things that I don’t need yet (spares galore, Christmas cookie cutters, secret chocolate stash) but their time will come. Then there are things that I hope to never need, 153% genoa, the life raft, and EPIRB. And then there’s that blow up shark Miles won for being the youngest kid on the HaHa. Technically we didn’t bring┬áthat, but we didn’t ditch it either. Vive El Tiburon!

I’m not sure what to hang this minor victory on? Maybe it was a ton of test sails. Maybe it’s that our boat is so stingy with it’s stowage space that we really needed to sort things out. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we can see almost everything, every day, that we own, and had to be brutally honest about its utility. Whatever the cause, we are grateful that the result was optimal lading.

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