Position Report: July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018

Position: 29º 16.362′ N 63º 30.06′ W
Today we saw a large potted plant float by. That may be one of the

weirdest at-sea sightings I’ve heard of. We had jaffles for lunch, which

is (for those of you who, like me did not know what these are) a kind of

panini like grilled cheese sandwich. They were delicious.

The kids have been playing D&D all day, which is a major improvement

from the device filled (sea-sick) days at the beginning of passage.

There’s lots of laughter. The kitties had poached flying fish for a

treat this morning.

We’re ticking away the miles, averaging roughly 150/day at an easy,

comfortable pace.

All is well

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