Position Report: July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018

Position: 41º 27.27′ N 69º 28.14′ W
I had a conversation with a coworker just before I left about how fresh

the ocean air smells. I was recalling the S. Indian ocean and the

rarefied, pristine lungfulls I consumed there. When the sun finally came

out this morning, I opened the hatches and took a deep breath of that

memory. It’s good to be underway again.

The first day out was a bit lumpy but we made good speed. Despite some

seasickness, the younger crew delightedly leaped to the pilothouse when

I sounded the whale alert this morning. We had a large pod (perhaps two

dozen) humpbacks around us. They were enjoying what looked like a

bountiful breakfast. At one point a juvenile swam right up to us and

dove under Eva.

We are off Cape Cod right now, and hope to be crossing the Gulf Stream

in a lull, mid-day tomorrow. After that, we may be motoring for a while.

All is well.

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