Position Report: July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018

Position: 36º 40.218′ N 67º 9.75′ W
We crossed the Gulf Stream last night. I had delayed our departure,

specifically to avoid a wind against current situation, and as we

progressed, I routed to the most advantageous angle of attack, but

despite my best efforts, we ended up with 20+ knots against 3 knots of

current. It was a bumpy 12 hours.

That said, it was one of the best birthday’s I have had, and we came out

the other end, unscathed, if a bit fatigued.

Today we’ve got 15-20 knots just aft of the beam and blue sky as we make

our way toward Bermuda. With any luck we won’t have to motor more than

12 more hours between here and Grenada.

The kids are in good spirits, and were totally amazed by the ice cream

that accompanied the birthday cake. Oh, and the temperature rose as we

entered the gulf stream to the point where we are all in shorts!

All is well.

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