Trick: E61 Dispersion Screen Replacement

September 27, 2009

I replace my dispersion screen every couple of months and I’m always disgusted by what I find on the other side of it. The screens and gaskets don’t cost much, but I always drag my heels because getting the darn things back in is just a tremendous pain in the butt.

Yesterday Miles and I decided it was time so we got our parts and tools together and set to work. I used the Flathead screwdriver on my handy Swiss Army knife to remove the old screen and gasket, and gave that to Miles to throw away. Then I put the gasket around the new screen and handed it to Miles to inspect, commenting on how nice and clean it was. I turned around for a moment and when I went back to the task the screen was gone. I asked Miles where it was and he jovially replied “ina dash”. As I was washing the screen I had a minor epiphany, if this thing were wet, I probably wouldn’t have to fight so hard to get it in place. And if wet is good, lubed would be better right.

So, with Miles’ help I got a thin layer of food grease spread all around the outside edge of the gasket. I pressed the gasket into the grouphead with my fingers and the used the blank portafilter to set it into place. I was floored when it popped into place on the very first try. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and would have been quicker without Miles’ help. No more bloody knuckles and sweaty frustration for me.

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