UnJobbing: The New Fringe

May 28, 2018

<Tongue Firmly In Cheek> Unschooling has been getting a fair amount of press lately and, as a result, has become not quite fringy enough for my tastes. In thinking about this mainstreaming of Unschooling and what it means to our families elite fringe status, I have decided that it is time to introduce the world to my long loved and nurtured brain child. World meet UnJobbing. </TFIC>

UnJobbing is a way of working that doesn’t mandate or prefer benefits, salaries, desks, meetings or artificial deadlines(amongst other things). UnJobbing focuses on process and passion, but does not supplicate itself to  protocol. UnJobbing is about transcending the 9-5 grind. It aims to alleviate the artificial and detrimental effects of grubbing for a raise or promotion, office politics, and the back room deals that errode our actual productivity.

UnJobbing does not mean not working. That said not working is crucial to balance and that balance is key to nurturing passion. UnJobbers find ways to revitalize their passion, whether that requires on-again-off-again employment, frequent vacations or unusually long lunches (siesta anybody?)

No disrespect to Tim Ferris but UnJobbing is not about a 4-Hour Workweek. If you can get other people to do your work for you so you can do things that you are interested in, that’s not a bad thing, but its also not UnJobbing. UnJobbing is not about getting rich. Its about living an intentional life.

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