Cruising to Floating

May 28, 2018

The months in Brisbane have been flying by, and while we have been busy busy busy, it doesn’t seem like much to write about. Our daily schedule has settled into a routine of sorts. The kids started letting us sleep in a bit (8am). We start our day with coffee, and read books to the kids, or catch up on blogs. Somewhere around 11 we get off the boat and after the essentials are taken care of the kids and Vick head to a museum, a park, the pool, or errands and I go off to The Edge to program and look for work.

I found a great project to work on while I’m hunting.  The project matches people with technical skills with the people who need help in those areas. It’s going to be used at The Edge first, but we hope to make it a public app (open source of course)! Stay tuned for more on that. The original version was written in PHP by a graduate student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  I ran into him one afternoon and was re-writing the app in Rails by the end of the day.

I promise to get back to the

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