Position Report: April 15, 2017

April 15, 2017

Position: 3º 58.308′ S 31º 39.552′ W
Lovely wake up call this morning, “Dad, I just noticed the engine is overheating…”

Thank god Ruby is sharp. We turned it off and found that without sails or engine, we were still drifting in the right direction at 3+ knots. It seems like our luck tends to balance itself out pretty immediately.

I let the engine cool off a bit, had coffee and then tucked into the problem. The coolant water was murky (brown, black). Initially I thought maybe the oil cooler had leaked oil into it, then I remembered that that is hooked up to the raw water side, and now I’m just confused. I drained a bit out, and topped it off (running low on antifreeze now), and the engine has been running for hours, trouble free. Maybe we just sucked up a jellyfish into the raw water system. I’ll have to add that to the growing work list for Naronha.

The good news is that dad was able to get the parts ordered, they may arrive as soon as Wed. Stuck in paradise for five days. Rats.

The other good news is that Vick made an apple strudel with fresh whipped cream for breakfast.

We are looking good for a 5-6pm arrival.

All is well.

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