Position Report: April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

Position: 4º 18.408′ S 30º 5.088′ W
We lost our lower shrouds today. This time it was due to the bolt that holds the tangs to the mast, breaking. The port shroud dropped immediately to the deck, and the starboard hung on by a few threads. Vick and I sprang into action, dropping sails and collecting the rigging. Next she sent me up the mast to recover the starboard shroud before we lost the end of that bolt (and any chance of getting a decent measurement). As I was going up, the shroud decided to come down. I was lucky enough to catch it, mid fall. We recovered all the pieces and my dad has new ones on order.

We are now motoring to Fernando de Naronha for refuge, and to await our shipment. We have plenty of fuel, and nobody is hurt. In fact we had haircuts, cookies, playful jumping dolphins, and butternut squash salad so….

All is well.

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