Position Report: March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017

Position: 19º 15.582′ S 4º 4.392′ E
Day 5 and we are reveling in this rolling main. The sea is slight and orderly, the wind is constant the sun is out, and the reading and cuddling that we recall most warmly from our best passages are now the norm again. I could do this forever.

Our little fleet is paced just about perfectly too. Our kid boat friends are making the same daily mileage, day after day, so we are staying fairly closely clustered. I expect them to arrive in St. Helen a within a day of us (if not less).

Peregrine ( a day ahead) saw a pod of 7 humpback whales this morning. Our eyes are peeled for same!

All is well.

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