Position Report: March 18, 2017

March 18, 2017

Position: 19º 18.042′ S 4º 13.212′ E
Day 4 and we are fully into the groove of this passage. The wind has been steady between 8-15 knots from the S to SE. We made 143 miles in the last 24hrs, not quite as good as day 1 but pretty much exactly what we budgeted in our planning. We just passed the half way point!

The kids are studying their US states. They were promised chocolate if they get them all right the first time. Vick finished reading Story of the World, and is now reading about the Oregon Trail. It’s funny how that brings back memories of my own education and of dying of dysentery in the Apple IIe game. Life is good!

Everything that I have heard about this passage seems to be coming true. It is wonderful sailing, after day 2.

All is well.

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