Cabin Fever Relieved

March 28, 2011

Sunday’s plan was to take the kids on a hike while Vick got some stuff done around the boat.  Around 10:30 I got the kids dressed for the day and up to the car. Sitting in the parking lot looking out at the storm clouds moving over the Bay, I suggested to the kids that maybe today wasn’t the best day for a hike. We decided the the California Academy of Science was a safer bet and drove in to San Francisco for a day of museuming fun.

I found an awesome street parking spot and started to gather my stuff. Camera, √; Jacket, √; Snacks, √; Ruby’s Backpack, √; Wallet, … oh crap. So we were back on the road to Emeryville to get the wallet and drive back to the city. An hour later we were standing in front of the membership counter and the kids were regaling the cheerful docent with the story of their forgetful dad and the 3 trips over the Bay bridge.

The moment we got through the door Miles said “Holy Moley, HOLY MOLEY!, is that a real dinosaur?”  And then he was off, pointing and exclaiming, head spinning in awe. Ruby stuck with him and showed him ever more wonders. They both forgot (for at least an hour) that they had been “starving hungry” for the entire car ride(s). It was so awesome to wach the two of them run around the museum discovering and wondering with their two big smiles beaming.

We were turned away from the planetarium but I think we hit everything else the Cal Academy has to offer (save the library). Hours later, tired and happy, we loaded back into the car to go meet Victoria at the N Judah. We had dinner at The Plant Café Organic. Sadly we had to rush due to the kid’s exhaustion.  The kids were sleeping by 8 and Vick and I snuggled in for a tea, coconut popcorn, and a movie. The 4 trips over the Bay Bridge were a small price to pay for a wonderful day with the kids!

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