Sails for Sale

March 27, 2011

Our boat came to us with 11 sails.  Since we need to keep people on this boat some sails need to go.  We’re keeping our main, our 153 genoa, our new 110 genoa, our #3 jib, a 3/4 oz drifter, a nice striped spinnaker, and a heavier excellent spinnaker. I can’t figure out how we’ll keep all of these sails of course. We’ll work on that later.


North Sails Spinnaker

LL 51.3

Mid G 26.2

FW 28.7

Max W 30.6


Nice sail. Softest of our spinnakers, some stitching pulled, but no tears, rips, or repairs. No stains, white  still white, orange still bright.

Asking $1200


North Sails  Spinnaker

LL 51.7

SF 29.2

SMW 30.6

SMG 29.7


White with red stripes, no tears, rips, or repairs, but more faded than the other sails, yellowing near the  head and clews where there are two layers of fabric for reinforcement. Includes launch bag.  Asking $900


North Sails Spinnaker

SL 52

SF 29.9

SMW 30.6

SMG 30


Very nice!  Bright orange and bright white, great pattern, very nice.  Includes launch bag.

Asking $1500


We also have a mainsail and a big 153% or 156% Genoa that we need to measure and photograph.












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