Varkala to Kovalam – or Close Enough

November 12, 2009

We had a tasty breakfast at the local + organic ABBA restaurant (where, I kid you not, they play non-stop Abba), and then headed out for coffee and an Internet fix.

I have to admit that the power surge that blew up my laptop power supply was pretty annoying, but i still managed to get over it after a few minutes. The downside to this is that I will be typing all of my posts on my iPhone from here on out (please forgive the typos), and l will have to be more stingy with photos.

After the Internet debacle we cruised back to the Sea Breeze hotel for a little A/C (its got to be 95 w/ 85% humidity here) and to drop off the now dead weight of the laptop. Before we saddled up to head to Kovalam, I took a moment to fix the dangling kicker with a piece of twine, a solution that I was hoping would impress the locals.

After a quick stop at the ATM and armed with our first set of incorrect directions we headed out of town with smiles on our faces.

I happily double tooted my horn at everyone who tooted at me, and waved at every lifted hand, all the while hoping that they meant what I thought they meant. Oh well, worst case scenario I was spreading goodwill. We made our way north along the water, asking directions as we went and, of course, never checking the two maps we had with us. People all seemed very sure that we were heading in the right direction.

We stopped for numerous photo ops and chatted with anyone who was friendly enough to smile at us. I must have given high-fives to a half dozen kids as I rolled by.

By the time we got to Poorparum, dad was poorpooped out so we started home. On the way back I gave another high-five to the boldest of a group of boys, and then dad (who was behind me) got flocked. They asked him for money, or a ride, and when he took out his camera they tried to grab it from him. When he told them that he wanted to take their pictures, they all lined up for him and smiled. Soon we were on our way again.

By this point we were getting fairly desperate for our bathroom (there’s been a touch of travelers tummy amongst us), and we still had a good ride ahead of us, even baring more bad directions (which sadly, we were not spared from).

Eventually we did make it back and now we are enjoying a few hours in the A/C before we venture out again. We never did make it to Kovalam, but I suppose we got close enough.

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  1. Comment by Kunal Janu

    Kunal Janu November 12, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    pI wish u could feed us with some more photos.. I understand its hard to do it with the Iphone , but may be one per post..
    I wish there was a subscription by email, so that i get to read almost immediately ../p

    pKunal Janu/p

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