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Ordinary, Extraordinary

I have been increasingly interested in video and multimedia storytelling lately. I enjoy the new challenges, and hope that the visual experience can expose different dimensions of this unconventional life. This video is a test case for a concept that Vick and I have been discussing for at least 6 years now. Our hope is […]

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Sani Pass: Short Video

Here’s a short but fantastic video done by the same guy that did New Year’s Ink   Audio Credit: Ehrling Video Credit: Wayne Willis

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Bad Neighbors

Back in our wild youth we had this neighbor (Douglas Robbins) who was getting into producing documentaries. Before he moved on he made this video staring (amongst others) us. In case you don’t know by watching, its farcical… though Vick can make 16 different muffins without processed flour. [vimeo][/vimeo]

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