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  • 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

    I was just updating my privacy settings on Facebook and found this Note from a year ago yesterday. I have played exactly two of these “games” on Facebook and this is the one that I took seriously. I decided to repost it here, today, partly because I think it’s neat that I wrote it a […]

  • The first day of the unschool year

    The first day of the unschool year

    I noticed on facebook today that many of my friend’s kids were dressed in fresh new clothes with hair and teeth brushed. Ruby and Miles weren’t actually all that bad considering they had a shower just yesterday (showering when you don’t have one of your own can be a little more of an adventure). ¬†When […]

  • No Better Life Than This One: Reevaluating My Primary Relationship

    Can critically evaluating your relationship lead to a happier healthier self while simultaneously improving the relationship?