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Ship’s Log: Golden Gate With Deneb & Seren

We had the boat ship shape and ready to rock by the time Deneb and Seren showed up at 10:30. The kids were overflowing with excitement to have little Seren aboard, and just couldn’t wait to show him everything. Seren, warmed up to the chaos and excitement much more quickly than I would have expected (being his […]

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Pre-K Geography

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCQdGRZOJy8[/youtube] Believe it or not this was spontaneous. I have no idea how Miles knew where the pirates are or where Hawaii is. I guess unschooling is working for our family.

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Yo Ho Ho Ho

We’ve really needed a relaxing family vacation for a while, and with time counting down to the big trip, we also need to make sure that the family is up for extended sailing.  Last night, after weeks of thinking about these two items individually a plan popped into my head that married both of these […]

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Ruby Solved the Global Pirate Problem

After days of contemplation and discussion, I believe that Ruby has finally solved the pirate problem, for everyone. Ruby: I know, lets make a flag with a cake on it. I’ll make my favorite cake (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and flowers on top) and we’ll put the flag up. Then the pirates […]

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Ruby Dispatches Pirates

While we were eating dinner tonight (hamburgers… yes its relevant) the subject of pirates came up. Ruby is very concerned about pirates, and how they might steal her or eat her. She asked what we were going to do about pirates, so we (of course) took the opportunity to turn the question around… Parent: Do […]

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