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Portland to Grenada

Some might say that it is the very definition of madness to winter over in Maine and leave for the tropics as summer begins to burst onto the scene. Those people would be absolutely correct. Nevertheless, that is just what we have done. The trip from Portland to Grenada took us within shouting distance of […]

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Indian Ocean: Not That Much Fun

Imagine you are sitting down, enjoying dinner. It’s Taco Tuesday® (but on Thursday, because you have no sense of time). Suddenly the salsa jar becomes a projectile, it jumps straight up, then banks hard to  the left and hurls itself at you, missing by inches. The jar (which you forgot to put the lid on […]

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Off to See the Lizard

I don’t know what’s going on with me. We spent last night in this lovely ClubMed anchorage.   This looks like a place you might like to stay at for a while right? I promise, the previous anchorage was even more picturesque. I, however, have no desire to stay. I don’t even feel the pull […]

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Our Route Across the Pacific

I thought this might be interesting for some. These are our 24hr waypoints for the whole trip. What isn’t shown is the track (our actual path of travel) witch , more often than not, zig-zagged across the almost straight line described here. Cruisers familiar with this passage will almost certainly understand what is going on […]

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Tropical Night Watches

this post was written on our passage to Cabo San Lucas Night watches are a fact of life for passage makers. It is the subject of many forum posts, articles, and dockside conversations. I have loved every night watch that I have stood, be they starry and clear or foggy and tense. On one hairy […]

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We Made It to “South”

Our trip so far has been lived under a slight but constant disappointment. We have eagerly been anticipating something that felt southish. This feeling isn’t just about temperature, nor is it about turquoise water. There is a certain something that makes a locale feel southish, and we just hadn’t gotten there yet… until today. Today […]

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