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Jeremy Loops @ Kirstenbosch

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Another Chapter in the “Why Love Mexico” Series

I know, I’m a broken record, but I feel I underestimated Mexico and want to shout its praises for all who, like me, didn’t know what they were missing. I know I’m not that first to blog about this, we aren’t even the first to get video, but still this is special. [youtube][/youtube] I took this […]

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(Playlist) Change is in the Air

I created a playlist (Music to Kick Ass By) for my ride to work that has plenty of ampy music to help me pass all of those foldable bikes and skateboarders on The Embarcadero. A month or so later it’s getting a little repetitive. I’m going to post the current list and implore you all […]

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So glad I’m here

Somehow music and song lyrics have worked their way into my life again after many years.  The sleep deprivation of having young children has nearly faded (now that both of them sleep through the night most of the time) and I’m able to pay closer attention to the world around me. Tucker has been playing […]

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Dancing Balloons


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