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Knock Knock

Miles: “Knock Knock” Me: “Who’s there?” Miles: “Banana” Me: “Banana Who” Miles: “Aren’t you glad I didn’t say Orange?” At this point I’m thinking, at least he got the right fruit in there but Miles scrunches up his forehead as I fake laugh and says “Daddy what’s the real joke?” So I decided to humor […]

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No Better Life Than This One: Choosing Joy

Today sucked royally. I started the day saddled with the dread of a project (replacing the hot water heater) that I just knew was going to go badly. This project was going to go badly because: I couldn’t get to all of the fittings to measure what size they were and therefore didn’t know for […]

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The Victory of Providence Over Planning

“It looks like the rain has let up a bit, should we make a run for it?” I asked, equivocating. “Its probably as good as any time,” Dad replied. We had been enduring monsoon rains for hours, holed up first at the Cafe del Mar and later at Abba. It was getting late and we […]

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