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Thaispusam in Penang

We had an Uber driver recently that asked us if we would be in Penang for Thaipusam.  He was part way through forty days of  preparation, fasting, celibacy and not shaving in advance of this important Tamil Hindu holiday commentating the God Murugan,  representing goodness over evil. Because our stay in Penang was much longer […]

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A Tall Poppy in Oz

One of the very first things I learned about Australian culture was that it robustly supports the lopping of tall poppies. Unless you are from AU, NZ, CA, or the UK you probably don’t even know what this term means, Wikipedia describes it as: “… a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, […]

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First Day of School

One of the things that our kids miss while cruising are typical stateside milestones like the First Day of School. Where I grew up the first day of school was the day after Labor Day, which happens on the first Monday of September. Five year olds begin kindergarten, and while Miles doesn’t turn five for […]

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I Have Never Felt So Foreign

When I visit a new country I tend to see all the ways in which its culture is different first. A week or so into my visit the similarities with my native culture overtake the differences and I am overwhelmed (for a time anyway) by the beauty of our world’s diversity. Here on Samoa (pronounced […]

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100ish Reasons I Love Mexico

I love this country. I love the chaotic efficiency that I’ve observed in everything from a marina checkins to hopping off a bus (they don’t quite stop to let you off). Speaking of busses, I love that they are all different. Today I saw one with a spoiler (after market on this model of Mercedes bus, […]

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Becoming A Man

From time to time I am reminded that my culture has no coming of age tradition. Some of the effects of this deficit are subtle, some more obvious. This weekend, as I near my 35th birthday I experienced another Man Making Moment. Man Making Moments are different for everyone. I suspect many are like me […]

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