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Where have we been all this time?

During one of our last days of our Pacific crossing Tucker and I sat in the cockpit remembering out loud each and every stop since we’ve been out cruising.¬†Convivia sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on October 1, 2011 and took a few weeks sailing down the coast of California. We spent five months in […]

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Cooks Bay, Mo’orea & Fare, Huahine

Mo’orea and Huahine are my favorite islands in the Societies and close to my favorite in French Polynesia. They both have a laid back air and, as much as any of these heavily visited islands, seem less fatigued by the demands of tourism than I would have expected.

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Daniel’s Bay: Aka Survivor 4 beach

I’m not sure I knew that Daniel’s Bay (aka Hakatea Bay) was the site of Survivor 4¬†when we decided to check it out. By the end of our 5 days there it seemed to be the theme for everything. So much so that when I organized a little beach bonfire on the last night, I […]

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