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Red Shift (II) — Hope and the Banyan Tree

I’ll write this while I still have power.  It flickers off at irregular intervals, part of the official load relief program, so the Hindi Times says.  This makes it sound planned, but it’s not.  Sort of like “Quantitative Easing,” the U.S. load relief program.  It has the small businesses in Mysore in a tizzy, because […]

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Red Shift – Tippu Express

Tucker and I are planted on platform number 9 waiting where the porter has deposited us for the 3 p.m. Tippu Express to Mysore. It is 1:30 p.m. and Tuck has settled in for the long wait, putting his backpack down on the dirty cement platform and perching atop it with easy adaptability. I am […]

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India Adventure – Serialized

If you’re just tuning in now, please skip back to the post on Hong Kong, and read the remaining posts in reverse order. If you don’t I’m not sure they would make too much sense. Please leave comments (especially suggestions) in the comments section.

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I would guess that more than half of the average person’s enjoyment of food is subjective. There are clearly objective thresholds that must be met (and those differ from person to person) in order for a meal to be enjoyable. I would argue though that what sets the exemplary meal apart from the good, for […]

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Arriving in India

The flight to Mumbai was as sublimely pleasant as the long haul to Hong Kong had been. It wasn’t until we started our descent that the uncertainty started to set in. Looking down on the city from the approach path you see slums everywhere with occasional stands of sky scrapers sprouting up amongst them. We […]

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India Photo Gallery

For those of you following our adventures at home, you might want to keep an eye on the India 2009 Photo Album (located @ We fly out today at 1am. With the time change and the date line, I’m thoroughly confused when (exactly) we arrive, but its somewhere around tomorrow at 7:15pm Hong Kong […]

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Preparing for TED and India

3 days to go. I can’t remember ever being this excited for a trip. I haven’t packed a thing yet, but I spend every spare second thinking about what to bring (and perhaps more importantly what to leave behind). The anticipation of the people I’m going to meet and the places I’m going to see […]

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TED India and Beyond

While I was on vacation, I received word that I had been invited to be a guest at TED India 2009. Tonight I completed the registration and made it official. My tickets are purchased and plans are being laid. When I mentioned to my dad that I was almost certainly going to India, he told […]

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East Coast Family Vacation 2009

We just returned from a truly wonderful vacation. I took the family back East (Boston, Portland, Round Pond) for almost the whole month of August. We saw most of our family, got to welcome baby Jacob into the world, and many of our oldest friends. It was a true vacation in every sense. The children […]

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