Position Report: May 03, 2017

May 3, 2017

Position: 5º 56.778′ N 49º 27.732′ W
Yesterday was the pits. We had swell from three directions, and Vick took some seasick pills that had side effects worse than the malaise. Today is a lot more comfortable, despite the continued squalls. We are still trying to figure out if running the engine with raw water in the fresh water side, is going to kill it quickly or slowly. I’m hoping slowly, because it’s currently the only way to charge the batteries, until the sun comes out again.

All said, we are doing well. The kids are getting ahead in school work so they can enjoy friend bonanza in Martinique. Vick is continuing to delight us with surprisingly good food (despite an almost complete dearth of veggies, YAY!), and we are never bored (not really anyway).

Yesterday’s 24 hr time was 160 miles. WOot!

All is well.

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