Position Report: April 08, 2017

April 8, 2017

Position: 7º 47.01′ S 14º 53.94′ W
We approached Ascension as twilight broke and wrapped slowly around the northwest tip of the island and down to the Georgetown Anchorage. The conditions were mild, and it seemed that the swell we had been warned of had left the area. After talking with friends on Gaia, we decided to have a closer look, and found that the anchorage was untenable, given our limited time and needs.

After a heartbreaking goodbye with our friends on Caminante (who we will likely next see by air) we aimed our bows for the Easternmost tip of S. America. Our intention is to find the thinnest part of the ITCZ to punch north into the Caribbean from. Once through we intend to continue directly to Martinique.

Despite the sad goodbyes, and leaving a gorgeous remote island in our wake, undiscovered, we are all feeling good about maintaining our momentum, and getting that much closer to home. It’s looking like we will have all of May in the Caribbean, which is quite a bit longer than we had hoped for.

All is well.

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