Position Report: January 17, 2017

January 18, 2017

Position: 33º 44.1′ S 27º 4.002′ E
(these didn’t post initially, including for completeness)
Our first 8hrs out of East London gave us 60 nautical miles good. This coast may be brutal, but at least it’s fast.

While the rest of the family was taking a day off (seasickness abounds) I was smiling like a kid on a sailboat. Vick said if there was a Kinsey scale for sailors, I would be a perfect 6. I think she might be right!

I saw a new type of marine mammal today. It was like a large dolphin but with a completely round nose. It was a dark gray (almost black). I wonder what that was?

At sunset we cracked off a bit and the wind dropped below 20 knots, I think it will get gradually more comfortable for the next 12 or so hours. If the 35 knots doesn’t come all the way to the coast, we should have pretty nice ride to Mossel Bay even.

All is well.

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