Position Report: October 08, 2016

October 8, 2016

Position: 13º 34.512′ S 48º 5.748′ E
We had a relaxing daysail from Russian Bay to Nosy Kisimany today. The wind was behind us the whole way at about 10 knots and our newly cleaned bottom facilitated 7 knots with dinghy in tow. I was pretty excited about this because we had just switched the 153% genoa out for the much more efficient 110%. The 153 gave us about 4 knots VMG on our way to Russian Bay (granted there was an unfavorable current and our bottom growth was insane).

This is a lovely and tranquil spot with only one other boat. Two local boys came over to trade mangoes and we had a great time speaking in fractured language and gesture. They made off like bandits with a Smiggle pen case full of crafty stuff and a pair of kids sneakers, but we were happy with the deal.

All is well.

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