Position Report: June 16, 2016

June 16, 2016

Position: 18º 28.812′ S 72º 14.148′ E
I have been inside for the vast majority of today, as has the rest of the crew. We have done so because to do otherwise, even for the briefest moment, has been to subject ourselves to a saltwater shower, with no hope of fresh water rinse.

The wind has been just on or even slightly ahead of the beam, and just hard enough that we have reduced sail to a double reefed main, with no jib. The sea, eager to do its part, have joined in the fun by being washing machine consistent and impressively sized. No single component of this package of dismalness has been dangerous, but taken together they are a touch unpleasant.

So inside we sat, doing things mostly as we normally would, except wetter. The water, thankfully, was of the fresh variety, a product of our exhalations and steam from Vick’s exceptional chicken chili (which I may or may not have had thirds of). Now the kids and Vick are sleeping, and breathing more slowly and the cabin is keeping up a little better with ventilation.

I think the award for saltiest sailor must go to our galley goddess today. How she managed it all, without even a touch of seasickness is beyond me (who spent most of the day lying around moaning glumly).

Believe it or not…

All is well.

p.s. If I am ever caught telling sea stories of the wildly unbelievable type, this is likely the day I was talking about.

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