Position Report: June 15, 2016

June 14, 2016

Position: 17º 33.672′ S 78º 4.11′ E
Today was a lazy day. After yesterday, we decided to take it easy. We had arepas and eggs for breakfast, and sampled the new coffee that I roasted last night (it was amazing, if I may be so bold).

After the morning radio call, we set into our modest chores. I had to run the generator, and make water. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and by the time I got to second coffee, I had completely disassembled and reassembled the generator, which oddly, now only runs with full choke.

We played a bit of our new favorite card game (Sleeping Queens) and listened to Swallow’s and Amazons (reading along for fun) and then before we knew it, it was dinner time.

It was never easy to eat (GF) in Indonesia, and maybe that’s why having an Indonesian favorite felt so special. That or it might have been the 3 hours that it took for Vick to make it. Beef Rendang, you are delicious!

All is well.

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