Position Report: May 22, 2016

May 21, 2016

Position: 10º 53.172′ S 98º 31.272′ E
Standing, one foot on the weather deck and one foot in the cockpit, staring out over the bow and beyond, I am reminded of all the times in my youth when I stared over the deck of our Luders, out past Louds Island, to the deep water. I remember the sense of awe and fascination, the mystery of the ocean. I remember wondering what it would be like to cross one someday.

As I stand, I feel that same fascination, wonder, and excitement, and I realize that I am out here, with my own children, doing the very thing that filled my dreams as a child. I look down. Ruby and Miles are sitting at my feet, oblivious to my awe, making up magical creatures (“Pick any animal, give it 3 super powers, and mix it with another animal”). They, I realize, have never sat on a breakwater at night, looking out over the ocean, wondering what it holds for them. The ocean has been their home.

Sometimes I worry that this isn’t the best use of a life. Maybe there is something more grand or important that I should be contributing to the world, rather than this self-indulgent exploration. Then I look down at the kids playing their games, and worry that I’ve taken the wonder and awe, and made it so commonplace that everything else will be boring. Then Miles says “Mine is a bunny, with magical eyes that can look at two people at once, and make them fall in love. He will also be invisible and have dragon wings.” Focus regained. All is well.

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