Position Report: May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

Position: 5º 33.828′ S 102º 26.31′ E
Enggan pitstop successful. We had the anchor down just after sunrise. After breakfast and a 15 minute “power-nap” (power nothing, I promise) we were loading the dinghy for a shore trip.

We found the local business man, and arranged for diesel to be delivered, or maybe we would go pick it up, or maybe it would come in a hundred gallon sized plastic bags, details are hard to follow in a foreign language. 5 hours later we were loading up the dinghies with jerry cans and heading for distant shores.

What happened in-between was that the Navy was called and we were (lightly) interrogated. The kids played ball with some village kids and made sharp sticks with the help of concrete and a local machete (made from truck shocks, I kid you not). In the end, the Navy was happy to let us go with a smile and a few “selfies” (the seemingly universal word for any sort of photo with people). I guess folks run out of fuel all the time around here.

We are off an running to Cocos Keeling, unless the wind shifts. It will be nice to be on Australian soil again, however far from our Austral center it may be.

All is well.

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