Position Report: April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016

Position: 0º 8.166′ S 98º 20.688′ E
Arrived at Sipikia under moonlit sky last night. Coming around an enormous surf break without light is pretty disconcerting, even when you’ve got satellite view, charts, and radar all corroborating that the reef is where it should be. It went smoothly though, and we had enough energy left to roast up a kilo of fresh coffee. Mmmmm.

Convivia and crew crossed the equator for the third time yesterday. We’re getting good at this.

This morning the kids made banana muffins out of our almost decaying bananas, and then took a walk around half the island. It’s remarkable here. If I were going to pick one part of Indonesia (from the hundreds of islands we’ve sailed by/to) it would be the West coast of Sumatra. All wow, all the time.

Peregrine is slated to arrive tomorrow, and we’ll share the day with them before heading to Padang to checkout.

Quote of the day: “000* We ran out of glitter, please send help.”

Second Quote of the day: “Having a freezer cold enough to make ice, and a Vitamix is enough to make up for being out of glitter.”

All is well.

*911 in the USA

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